About the Virtual Marketing Space.

Small businesses are always looking for ways to market their businesses at low cost. And this blog and some of the other blogs on my blog roll are examples of blogs that any small business could create to market their goods or services.

That is what this blog will be about.

It least that is the plan anyway. We will see. I want to just meander through this space, check out the capabilities of WordPress see how it compares to Blogger, JournalSpace and some of the other free blogging platforms.

I also want to explore exactly what a small business like my own can do with blogs.

So I invite you to come by and check out some of my ideas. Also I invite you to participate in the conversation that I want to have here, if you have any ideas, questions, answers, tips, tricks or tools that small business bloggers can use let me know.

One idea that I have thought about a lot is what I call the virtual marketing space. In my mind it is a fuzzy concept, but it is based on a phenomenon that I have noticed is happening on the internet.

Basically the big search engine companies (Google, Yahoo and MSN) and the online retailing companies (eBay, Amazon.com) are in a contest to see who can provide the best and cheapest tools for users.

The computer world, and especially the internet is based on the idea that over time computers become more powerful and capable. I think of it as an off shoot of Moore’s law (you know the idea that computer power doubles over time). And as the hardware gets more powerful of course the applications will become more powerful.

As applications become more powerful the companies that offer goods and services can offer more for less. And this is exactly the situation that we have today.

Because of some of the online tools that are available today, a small business can do things that in the past were very complicated to do and expensive. Here is just a few things that I can think of that a small business can do with a blog;

1. Communicate with your customers

2. Build an online brochure

3. Build an online catalog

4. Market your goods and services

5. Give your customers extra information

6. Connect with your business partners

7. Sell goods and services

8. Do affiliate marketing

And there are many other things that a small business can do with a blog. And in this blog I will explore some of these things.

I will be writing about some of the many special tools that blogs have. I want to figure out the best ways to use these tools to solve problems.

I do not mean to suggest that a blog is the end all to every situation. There are some problems that a blog can not solve, and there are some things that you probably should not do with a blog. I want to explore these items also.

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